Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catfish Database

Have you caught someone pretending to be someone else on a dating, IM,  or social networking site?  Well, let this be the beginnings of the place to report them, I give to you the poor mans version of the catfish database.  If it gets big enough I'll make it a stand alone site.  Simply go down to the comments section and leave your story, and a link to the catfish.  Then the next time a beautiful blonde is hitting on you and it seems too good to be true check out this posting for your cfdb.  (Click the title of this post then bookmark it for the future.)
Biggest CATFISH spotted this month on chat roulette. (Not for kids)
Click the Comments section below to read or leave comments, if you are trying to FIND a particular name use the command ctrl-F after you click open the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Do not befriend eusebiasherry85 on Skype, she doesn't want to be your friend. Just wants to sell your pron.

Anonymous said... - not really darthvader.

sample tweet - "Still waiting for my call-back from the Dancing with the Stars people. Something tells me it's not coming, which is unfortunate. For them."

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