Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CATFISH Starting to Smell?

The  Filmmakers claim its  
Sperling Reich says... "Like many who saw the film at Sundance, I have grown a little skeptical the more I think about the film. While I went along with it as a documentary while watching the movie and shortly afterward, by the next day I was beginning to think the whole film had been made up, if not entirely scripted."According to viewer Michael Williams - "The Sundance hit Catfish is a faux documentary about two aspiring filmmakers and their roommate Nev. Nev is contacted by an eight year old girl, then begins a relationship with her 19-year old sister and mother on Facebook. When they visit the family's farm in Michigan they find that a single lonely woman had fabricated the entire family online. 
The film is undoubtedly orchestrated, although the filmmakers (as part of a marketing ploy) continue to vehemently deny that fact. When confronted with the question of its honesty at a Q&A session, one of the producers sardonically claimed that it was fake and that his brother is a better actor than Marlon Brando. In fact Nev's performance is very good, but he's merely playing a naive and wider-eyed version of himself, not a character.

In short — its fake. And it will be revealed as such in the near future, most likely around the time of the its release. The filmmakers will defend themselves by framing it as a social project or an exploration of the human psyche in an internet age... maybe it is. But calling a fake documentary real is nothing more than manipulation for profit."


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