Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something fishy with CATFISH subjects blogs

On  - Paul Bradford says, "I was given a screener copy by one of my Industry friends. I can confirm that this is nothing more then a movie. It's presented in a way to make you think it's real, but I can assure you that this is nothing more then a Reality Thriller. It has 8 producers, 3 of those being Executive producers. So that kinda gives it away." 


on  comments
For a woman who was able to fake 3 elaborate facebook pages, which you can't find now, the apparent lack of past web presence before November 2009 strikes me as suspicious.

she has a ton of blogs.

All of Angela's sites are owned by "Panorama Management Group, LLC" which conveniently hides ownership.

Also on Oct 11, 2008 her son Ronald died.

I have not seen the movie, but am I correct that both stepsons were alive at the time of the "filming?" So that ages the film considerably.

The film premiered January 2010, right?

She makes no mention of the filmmakers in any of her blogs, maybe vague clues, but no hint that her life is about to change. Did she have to sign a nondisclosure agreement along with her release? ;)

And all her books have sold out!

I'd like to see blog postings from the 3 dudes during that time period to see if there is any mention of the Pierces.

I'm spending way too much time looking into this, for what I suspect is little more than an ARG for the Cloverfield sequel.
September 3, 2010 8:17 A



Dude the movie was made in 2008, before her sons died. It was made in 2008. Also, in the movie, it states that she deleted all of the accounts she made up. IT IS REAL. Were this fake, these would be the best filmmakers and actors of all time. Why would these "amazing" filmmakers have done nothing before?

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