Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Catfish and the Cod Story

SPOILER ALERT - Don't read this one if you haven't seen the movie. If you have seen the movie and want to hear the story of the catfish again, here ya go.

This is clipped from a  blog, and is a nice, similar reiteration of the catfish and cod story from the movie.

"Let me tell you a story of the cod fish. At the turn of the century cod fish were in much demand on the east coast. News of this tasty fish spread across the country all the way to the west coast. There was however a problem. How could they get the fish across the country and still keep it fresh. They tried to freeze the fish and send it by rail, the fastest means at the time. When it was prepared it turn out to be very mushy and lacked flavor. Then someone decided to ship the fish live turning railroad cars into huge saltwater aquariums. When the cod fish arrived they were still alive but when they were prepared they were still mushy and tasteless. After studying the cod fish someone discovered that their natural enemy was the catfish. This time when the cod fish were but in the tanks they place a few catfish in with them. Those catfish chased the cod fish all the way across the country to the west coast. This time when they were prepared they were flaky and had the same flavor as they did when they were caught fresh and prepared on the east coast. You see the catfish kept the cod from becoming stale. The catfish kept them fresh."


Anonymous said...

This would be more believable if it weren't for the fact that cod are salt water fish and catfish live in fresh water. The catfish couldn't survive in the salt water.

Salzator said...

Catfish and cod are not natural enemies. They don't even live in the same kind of water. Cod are ocean fish (saltwater), and catfish are river fish (freshwater). This story of shipping fish in railway cars is completely fabricated urban legend started for the movie "Catfish" and needs to be officially debunked on Snopes. The "Catfish" filmmakers need to be outed as hoax artists.

Anonymous said...

Alright like relax, its supposed to be an anecdote. You don't need to go all condescending.


You guys are stupid. There are two types of Catfish
1. Salt Water Catfish
2. Fresh Water Catfish

Salt water Catish will chase cod fish

I'm a 30 year fisherman

Anonymous said...

ha, ha! Thank you "Fisherman"! I couldn't have said it better myself!

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