Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 8 Year Old Girl Called Us!

Above art painted by A.Pierce from a photo of Abbey
So we came across Abbey, the 8 year old girl's website, and it had a contact page, after some debate questioning if we might be disturbing this little girl's public "contact me" email account, we eventually decided it would probably just be forwarded to someone at UNIVERSAL's public relations department.  (It did seem odd that an 8 year old would have a giant full screen contact me form on her website. I'm not going to give out the url)   So we typed up an email message to little Abbey asking her to call us, and to let us know if this documentary was real or fake by leaving us a message.  We created a special extension at work and left her the phone number with the secret extension.  This was just set up especially for her.  It was not on the outgoing voice menu and it was a three digit extension that was not even close to any of the other extension numbers.

To my surprise, later that day, there was a message, I got chills when I checked the voicemail and heard this.
Click to play message below.

I ran towards the neighboring room calling for Andrea, who had helped in typing the email, telling her that she wouldn't believe it, but she would HAVE TO COME IN HERE AND HEAR THIS VOICEMAIL.  She said, " I forgot to tell you, after I set up the voice mailbox, I tested it out...  That was me." .  Then she laughed in my face.

Oddly enough, Andrea let me know the next day, we did get a legitimate call to that extension.  Here's is what the voicemail sounded like.

We are going to dig into our computerized PBX phone system for the caller ID.  Maybe it will be Rogue Pictures PR, maybe it will be Abbey?  Stay tuned.


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